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Daniel is the story of God’s people in exile during very dark times. In 605 BC the Babylonians successfully besieged and conquered Jerusalem, the capital of Judah. Nebuchadnezzar took the best and the brightest who had survived back to Babylon. Daniel and his friends chose not to conform to the pagan ways of Babylon. Instead, they lived faithfully for God in Babylon. This put them at the very fringes of society, a minority within a minority. Daniel is God’s manual on how to be a faithful witness in dark and deadly times.

Though we are not living in near as dark and deadly times as Daniel and his friends, we are living in difficult and hostile times. Exiles and outsiders within our own culture. The rapid ongoing secularization of Canadian society, as well as the erosion of traditional Judeo Christian norms, keeps pushing Christians further and further to the far fringes within our own society. Some Christians are responding with a battle like cry to reclaim a majority status by any and all means possible. Others are just keeping their head low, in the hopes of not drawing any attention. Some Christians are joining the world, embracing whatever new values and ideas it dreams up. Either by forcing scripture to fit or by editing out the offending bits. Daniel shows us another way – God’s way.

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The quest for identity is universal throughout all of history. Of all living creatures we long to be known and loved. And as relational beings, this ultimately can only happen when we, through Jesus Christ God’s Son, enter into relationship with our Father God. We live in a world marred by a lack of healthy identity. A world that looks for being known and loved in all the wrong places. And the result is deep human suffering. The good news is that God addresses the very heart of our quest for identity in the book of Ephesians. The purpose of this series is to anchor believers more deeply in the reality of who they are in Christ, give practical handles as to how to live out our identity in Christ in a world of identity crisis and clash, and invite those seeking meaning and worth to respond to the invitation of the gospel and the call of the Holy Spirit unto new birth.

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