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This series is about the arc of human history. Like the Israelites living in captivity, or the early Christians being persecuted by Rome, we too need to know how the story started and how it will end. This is what gives hope and meaning to our lives. Amidst ongoing world wars. In the face of political polarization, and a divisive election south of the border. Even in the midst of environmental catastrophes that we have created. Knowing the meta-narrative of history, and who is guiding it keeps us from slipping into cynicism, apathy and despair. Better yet it fans into flame our faith, hope and love. So welcome on this wonderful journey of hope.

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Why Galatians, because in every generation there is a temptation to turn away from the gospel, or to add to it.  Galatians addresses this danger head on. As we live out our life, we need to constantly be aware of counterfeits and be firmly rooted in the Gospel of saving grace. 

Sermon Series Youtube playlist is here!

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