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The quest for identity is universal throughout all of history. Of all living creatures we long to be known and loved. And as relational beings, this ultimately can only happen when we, through Jesus Christ God’s Son, enter into relationship with our Father God. We live in a world marred by a lack of healthy identity. A world that looks for being known and loved in all the wrong places. And the result is deep human suffering. The good news is that God addresses the very heart of our quest for identity in the book of Ephesians. The purpose of this series is to anchor believers more deeply in the reality of who they are in Christ, give practical handles as to how to live out our identity in Christ in a world of identity crisis and clash, and invite those seeking meaning and worth to respond to the invitation of the gospel and the call of the Holy Spirit unto new birth.

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There are many reasons for the erosion of faith in the western world. Affluence to the breakdown of the nuclear family and more. In light of all this we started working our way through the gospel of John in 2020. As we’ve been working through John we’ve been exploring questions like Who is Jesus? Can I be sure? What difference does it make?
Of the four gospels, why John? First, John was not just any eyewitness. He shared a special bond with Jesus such as to be nicknamed “the one whom Jesus loved.” Second, though living some 2000 years ago, John witnessed the erosion of faith in society and the church. This is why though advanced in age John, compelled by the Holy Spirit, set out to write yet another gospel. John wrote that we may believe Jesus is God and Saviour AND live like we believe it.

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