November 15 Kid’s Lesson

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Talk About It Video

Say: We’re learning that God is forgiving. We’ve all done bad things. As you watch this video, think about which things in the video are things you’ve done wrong.         Watch “Erased and Forgiven.”

Ask: • Which things in the video are wrong things you’ve done? Don’t tell me; talk to God silently about that. Allow time for silent prayer.
• How do you feel knowing God has forgiven you and removed your sins? 

Say: God is forgiving. We’ve all done wrong things like the things in this video, but thankfully we can count on God’s forgiveness to give us a clean start, no matter how many bad things we’ve done.


Print the instructions and check out the discussion prompts below.

Ask: How does this paper remind you of God’s forgiveness?

Why is it important that God’s forgiveness doesn’t have a limit?Say: God is forgiving, and like our Forgiveness Folders, there’s no limit to his forgiveness! Peter denied knowing Jesus three times in today’s Bible story, and there were other times he needed God’s forgiveness! God keeps on forgiving us because God is forgiving.

If you desire to watch the lesson please watch here

If you desire to lead your kids in the Bible lesson yourself, follow the prompts below:

Bible Lesson

Have a wooden cross? Use that instead for extra impact.

Move Away From a Cross

         Have kids stand right next to the wall with the cross, facing the cross. Say: Today we’re learning that God is forgiving. Jesus died on a cross to take the punishment for our wrongs so God could forgive us. But even while Jesus was on trial to be killed, one of Jesus’ friends did something really, really hurtful.

         Read Luke 22:55-57.

         Have kids turn around to face away from the cross and then take a giant step forward.

         Say: Peter was one of Jesus’ best friends, but he pretended he didn’t know Jesus. Peter turned his back on Jesus.

         Ask: • Think about a time you were embarrassed to be a Christian. Maybe you didn’t pray before school lunch because you thought people would laugh at you. You won’t need to share this out loud. Don’t have kids share aloud, but pause for reflection.

         Say: Then Peter did it again.

         Read Luke 22:58. Have kids take another giant step away from the cross.

         Ask: • Think about a time you knew what Jesus would want you to do but you didn’t do it. Don’t have kids share aloud, but pause for reflection.

         Say: And Peter didn’t stop there.

         Read Luke 22:59-60. Have kids take a third step away from the cross.

         Ask: • Think about a time you said or thought something negative about Jesus. Have kids reflect quietly without sharing aloud.

         • Describe your connection to the cross on the wall now. Kids can answer this question aloud.

         Say: Peter loved Jesus! In fact, all of Jesus’ other friends ran away as soon as he was arrested. Peter stuck around, determined to be a faithful friend. But in the end, he let fear take over and said he didn’t know Jesus. Jesus knew Peter would do that.

         Read Luke 22:61-62.

         Ask: • Think about the moment Jesus looked at Peter. What do you think that felt like for Jesus? for Peter?

         Say: Imagine saying mean things about your closest friend, only to realize your friend overheard everything. That’s kind of like what happened to Peter and Jesus. But God is forgiving. Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins…and Peter’s. And after Jesus came back to life, he did something special with Peter.

Move Toward the Cross

        Read John 21:15. Have kids take a giant step backward, back toward the cross, and say, “Jesus, I love you.”

         Read John 21:16. Have kids take another giant step backward and say, “Jesus, I love you.”

         Read John 21:17. Have kids take a third giant step backward and then turn around to face the cross as they say, “Jesus, I love you.”

         Ask: • We just undid all our steps away from the cross. How did Jesus’ interaction with Peter undo what Peter had done wrong?

         • Explain whether you think God’s forgiveness undoes our sins.

         Say: In life, there’s no undo option like on a computer. But God is forgiving, and when he forgives us, it’s kind of like he hits an “undo” button in what we did to mess up our friendship with him. He acts like we never did what we did wrong. Peter got a chance to say he loved Jesus three times—the same number of times he denied knowing Jesus. It was kind of like undoing all three of the times he said he didn’t know Jesus.

        God is forgiving. Let’s see how forgiveness undoes what we do wrong.

Erase Marker

         Have kids spread out. Give each child a piece of tissue paper and a washable marker.

         Say: Think of the worst thing you’ve ever done. Something you felt really, really horrible about. Since Peter denied Jesus three times, write it on your tissue paper three times. No one will see what you write. Allow time for kids to write. Then give each child a cup of water.

         Say: God is forgiving. He forgives even the worst things we’ve done. I’ll remind you of that three times. Each time I say, “God forgives you,” you’ll dunk your paper in your water, then take it right back out. Check for understanding. Then say, “God forgives you” three times, pausing after each one for effect. Have kids look at their tissue papers.

         Ask: • What happened to your deepest, darkest sin?

         • How is that like what happens when God forgives us?

         Say: God is forgiving. No matter what we’ve done wrong, he’ll give us a fresh start just like he did for Peter. Listen to this.

         Read 1 John 1:9.        
Say: God is forgiving. Every time we tell him we’re sorry, he’ll clean up our hearts. Like your paper, you’ll be washed clean!