May 2021 Business Meeting

Church business meetings are a regular part of life at Bay Park.  We gather to worship, celebrate, inform, report and make decisions.  In May, members of Bay Park meet to elect people to key leadership roles.  Normally we gather physically in our church building.  This year will once again be different.

The May 2021 Business meeting will be conducted remotely. We’ll keep the agenda simple including only items that need decisions by members.  This is Bay Park’s May 2021 church business meeting agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes from the previous business meeting (February 2021)
  2. Elections – Nominating Committee Slate of Candidates.

Not everyone gets to participate. When we meet in our building we invite non-members as well as members. For this business meeting, only active members will be participating. The results will be shared more broadly.

There will be a separate communication to active members with further instructions. If you are an active member at Bay Park and do not receive a communication with further instructions by May 18 please contact us to let us know.

Are you a member?  By our constitution, all members, meet and give the Board of Elders satisfactory evidence of regeneration and personal faith in Christ as their Saviour and Lord, and have been baptized, and received into membership on decision of the Board of Elders. If you are interested in membership at Bay Park, find out more here!

Are you an active member?  By our constitution, an active member in good standing is a member who is in a position to participate regularly in the life and ministry of the church and is doing so.  

Questions about membership? Please contact a member of the Elders Board.