May 10 Sunday Service

Welcome Bay Park to our Online Service— We are so glad you’re here!

Resources for our children : Kid’s Sunday Lesson click here

Our Sunday Service:

Giving Links

At Bay Park, there are four simple ways to give. Please choose the best one for you!

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Our Challenge for the Week:

1. Review what Ryan says about “coaches” from Phil. 3:17. Think about who has been your spiritual coach in the past. Who is your coach now? Who are you coaching?

2. If you don’t have a coach, brainstorm a few names, pray over them, and reach out to someone!

3. If you aren’t coaching someone yet, ask yourself why. Do you not yet feel ready? Brainstorm a few names of individuals you could be coaching and reach out to one of them!

If you have any difficulties with the videos above, click here for the YouTube playlist of the service videos.

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