Life Group Questions // God Substitutes Sermon Series

May 1, 2022

God Substitutes – Approval // Matthew 3: 1-17 // Ryan Farrell

  • Read Exodus 40:12-15, Numbers 8:5-7, and Revelation 7:14. What does washing and sprinkling frequently symbolize throughout the Bible?
  • Read Matthew 3:13-17. What logical problems are created by Jesus receiving baptism? What was the significance and importance of Jesus’ baptism back then?
  • Read Romans 6:3-4. What is the meaning and significance of Jesus’ baptism for us today?
  • Read Proverbs 29:25. In what ways have you been (or currently are) tempted to be reliant on the approval of others? What do these Bible passages have to say about our craving to be loved?
  • What will it look like, practically, for you to live out your identity as God’s Beloved?