October 11 Kid’s Sunday Lesson


Discuss and Watch “Carl Is Always With Us”

Say: We’re learning that God is always with us.

Ask: • Tell about someone who’s been there for you when you needed help. Share your own story.

 Say: Let’s see how our friend Carl was there for his friends!     
Watch: “Carl Is Always With Us.”

Say: You know, it’s awesome when our friends or family are there when we need them. But no one can be with us all the time…except God!

 Ask: • What are some things only God could help you with?
What’s comforting about knowing God is always with you? 

Say: God is always with us. We may have good friends like Carl who try to be there to help us out, but only God can always be there to help us!


*Download and print the handout here

*Cut apart the sections of the “Angel Army” handouts, and hide the pieces well around the room.

Spread the Message

Say: Today’s story is about two countries that kept fighting: Israel and Aram. Israel was full of God’s chosen people, including a prophet named Elisha. A prophet is someone who God gives messages to so he can tell other people.

The king of Aram made top-secret military plans, but God told Elisha what the plans were! Then Elisha spread the message to his king, and the Israelite army would be able to avoid getting hurt in battle.

Let me show you what I mean with a quick game. I’m going to tell one person what everyone shouldn’t do. Then I’ll close my eyes for five seconds. If you’re the person I tell, try to spread the message as quickly as possible! If you’re doing the wrong thing when I call time, you’re out!

Whisper one of the following to a child, then close your eyes and count down from five. When you get to one, open your eyes and see if anyone is doing the thing you said. If so, they’re out! Play a few rounds, whispering to a different child each time.

  • Anyone who is standing is out.
  • Anyone who is touching a wall is out.
  • Anyone who is not touching a wall is out.
  • Anyone who is sitting is out.

 Ask: • What made it easy to avoid getting out in this game?
 • Think about a sports game. How could it help you to know what your opponent was going to do?

Say: In a battle, you get a big advantage if you can sneak up on your enemy. But the army from Aram couldn’t do any sneaking because God told their plans to Elisha every time! Because God is always with us, he always knew what the army of Aram was planning.

Look for Angels

Say: When the king of Aram found out about Elisha, he was pretty mad. Meanwhile, Elisha and his servant were in a city called Dothan. Let’s imagine the middle of our room is Dothan.

Gather with kids in the middle of the room. Read 2 Kings 6:14-15.

Ask: • Tell about a time you felt outnumbered or like you were going to lose. Share your own story first.

Say: So there they were, surrounded. Elisha’s servant was afraid! But Elisha knew God is always with us.

            Read 2 Kings 6:16.

Say: Elisha was talking about God’s army being with them. That means an army of angels in fiery chariots with fiery horses! Glance around the room. Do you see anything like that? Allow time for kids to glance but not actually move around and search.

Say: Elisha’s servant didn’t see God’s army like Elisha did. So Elisha prayed.

            Read 2 Kings 6:17.

Say: Hmm. I wonder if we could find God’s angel army if we look a little closer.

Have kids search around the room to find the cards you hid. There are enough for each child to find three, on average. Gather kids back in “Dothan,” and have them show you what they found.

Say: Wow! This whole time we’ve been surrounded by an angel army, and we didn’t even know it. God is always with us. Like Elisha’s servant, we don’t always see that God is around us, but he is!

Ask: • What evidence can you see that God is always with us?

Say: After that, Elisha prayed another prayer.

            Read 2 Kings 6:18.

Say: Then Elisha tricked them into going to a different place, surrounded by the Israelite army. But instead of fighting, Israel gave them a meal and sent them home. And after that? The two countries didn’t fight anymore! Wow!

Write Places

Say: Maybe you’ve never been surrounded by an angry-looking army, but there are times and places we really need to remember that God is always with us. On the back of your angel army cards, write places or situations where you need to remember that truth.

Distribute pens and allow time for kids to write. Then have kids tape their cards to the wall, with the words they wrote facing out. Stand with kids in front of the wall, and pray: God, open our eyes and let us see that you are always with us. You are with us when [fill in a few examples from the cards]. We’re so glad you’re on our side! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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