Kids’ Ministry


A teacher is responsible for preparing a Bible Story lesson in advance of the Sunday they are scheduled and delivering it to the children, teaching in love and with excitement. 

As a teacher, you would have the desire for leadership, working as a team with co-teachers or helpers, guiding the children in an interactive lesson from our curriculum that will leave them with knowledge about the bible, gospel message and Christ’s love for us. 

This role is a support to the teacher.  Guiding the children to follow the teacher’s instructions, passing out supplies.  Building relationships with the children and showing them how to participate in the lesson is also a large part of this role.

A teacher is responsible for overseeing and encouraging participation in the activities; reading a story, playing with blocks, or colouring pictures.

You would assist with bathroom monitoring in accordance with our bathroom policy, sit with the children who may need comforting or chatting with those who desire to chat. 

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