Employment Opportunities

Bay Park Summer Intern Position

9 weeks (July 3- September 1) – 30 hours per week


The purpose of this position is to provide a post-secondary student with an opportunity to explore ministry possibilities and develop their giftedness. The Summer Ministry Intern will gain experience in planning, executing, and leadership while working in a ministry setting. 


  • The Summer Ministry Intern will work as a team player and collaborate with other Pastoral staff and Ministry leaders within the church.
  • The Summer Ministry Intern will meet weekly with either the Worship Pastor and will be accountable to the Worship Pastor or Interim Children’s Ministry Director.


Children’s Ministry:
  • Assist with planning, preparation and implementation of Children’s Ministry for Sunday mornings during the summer months.
  • Help plan, prepare, and execute Summer Bible Camp July 17- 22, 2023
  • Prepare meaningful lessons that align with the curriculum that encourages children to learn more about the gospel and the life and work of Jesus.
  • Organize age-appropriate games and activities that compliment the spiritual truths taught in the lessons.
  • Provide administrative support to the Children’s Director.
  • Every Sunday, the Kids Volunteers will be provided with the necessary materials, curriculum, and support to effectively teach the lesson and ensure a successful learning experience for the children.
  • Ensure ratios are maintained during the Sunday Children’s Program according to Plan to Protect. 
  • Assist with planning, preparation and execution of Family Fun Day – strategic family focused BBQ designed as a community outreach.
  • Help plan, prepare, and execute special Sunday services where children are involved (Camp Sunday, Children/Youth Serving Sunday, etc.)
  • Organize and purchase supplies for our annual Backpack Drive.
  • Provide administrative support to the Worship Pastor.
  • Help create an schedule appropriate social media about outreach events and church life activities.
  • Based on gifting and interest, explore other areas of communication.


  • Office hours are to be determined by the church leadership, in consultation with the successful candidate.
  • The position requires attendance at Sunday morning services, special events, as well as regularly scheduled weekly staff meetings.


  • The Summer Intern must share a commitment to our statement of faith and the vision and mission of Bay Park as posted on our website.
  • The Summer Intern must demonstrate a personal commitment to Christ.
  • The Summer Intern must have a valid Vulnerable Sector Check (unless under the age of 18) and a valid Plan to Protect certificate. 
  • The Summer Intern must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively.
  • The Summer Intern must display good judgment in decision making, self-motivation, and initiation.


  • This position will provide the successful candidate with a learning opportunity to explore their areas of gifting and grow in both administrative and problem solving skills.
  • The Summer Ministry Intern will gain experience in planning, preparing and executing events that align with the mission and vision of Bay Park.
  • The Part Time Summer Ministry Intern will set SMART goals that align with the mission and vision of Bay Park and work to achieve them through the summer. There will be regular opportunities to debrief learnings and adjust goals and strategies as needed.
  • The Summer Intern will be expected to submit a short report at the end of the summer detailing their goals, work, ministry experience, and learning.

To apply for this position, please email office by May 31.