Honour: Rising Above the Cancel & Contempt Culture Sermon Series

Full disclosure: I’m concerned, even worried. Our world is reverting back to caveman culture. The internet and social media have become gateways for 24/7 stereotyping, slandering, bullying and fearmongering. And it’s not just a political problem, democrats vs republicans, conservatives vs liberals. That’s the easy go to. The poison is spilling over into our homes, workplaces, arenas, schools and the church.
As Jon Tyson put it:
“Contempt may be the most toxic force eroding the people of God today. Contempt defined the culture of the Pharisees that distorted the covenant people of God. Believers get drawn into contempt in the realm of politics but find they cannot isolate the attitude from other areas of the heart . . . A hermeneutic of suspicion shuts down our vulnerability, resulting in anger and fear. No church can thrive with this lurking in the pews. Because we have new-covenant hearts designed to live by grace and love, contempt in our hearts poisons us.No follower of Jesus can walk in fullness of joy when they harbor cool hate in their hearts.”

So Bay Park, this mini series is an invitation to a different way of life. An invitation to follow Jesus by showing honour, extending grace, and reaching out in love.

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Sermon Series Youtube Playlist Here.