God, I Thank You …

God, I thank you that in 2015 . . .

You met our daily needs . . . spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, relationally.

You have been so faithful to us in ALL things! Praise God.

You were with me. No matter my struggles, or joyful moments you were always walking with me.

Our transition to 11:00 service has been a great blessing.

Thank you for the health of our family and for jobs for our children. Thank you for your nearness, your grace & love. Thank you for the peace in our lives & our country.

I experienced your power & presence.

God’s blessings on my life!

Family was healthy and healing for friends.

You were faithful and never left me. You are forever with me.

You saved/healed me – gave me freedom.

You brought family together, and rescued another.

Our family is healthy and happy.

I was healed.

I spent as much time as I could with my Grandma before she passed away a few weeks ago.

You answered our prayer of expanding our family.

I was able to express my faith to my family. My children have expressed a heart for you. You caught a potentially deadly disease before catastrophe happened.

We found our church family, for my life with you, my family and husband. For you always being there and never leaving my side.

I met wonderful people in my life.

For the peace we enjoy in this wonderful and beautiful country, Canada, all our comforts and abundance. Thank you God.
I have a husband who loves me. I have children who are healthy and growing, an extended family who like being together, a job I enjoy, great colleagues, a home, clothes, food, friends, love.

Fellowship with other Christians that encourage me to press on and grow in my faith.

You help me to re-align my life, to be able to serve you betting using my God given gift.

You are still in complete control of everything.

We were able to buy a house.

You blessed me with this amazing church family that has supported me through so much. For guiding me and being with me through it all.

Every day you show me that you never leave or forsake me.

I have been kept healthy, happy and independent. You have met my every need.

Your love and grace has sustained and held us as never before. You are Good. We Adore you!!

Bay Park was here.

You continue to be faithful always.

For you provision – employment. For your protection and guidance. For watching over our daughters. For being by my side throughout my struggles.

You gave the opportunity to serve. You gave health and strength. The privilege to visit with family, near and far.

For blessings in Gideons. For blessings in Bibles for Missions. For summer gospel concerts and friends.

You renewed my health. You watched over my sister’s bout with cancer. Family health.

You taught me more about trusting you, in difficult times and good times.

You provided opportunity to grow closer to you.

You walked with us in our daily lives – protecting, caring, loving us.

I was blest with so many moments to be thankful for. That I had the knowledge you were always with me.

You have been with me through my healing.

You continue to bless my wife and I to be able to love each other more and the support of family and friends.

Your love and care. You are wonderful.

I grew to know more about you. For your word and for a loving caring family and for our pastors and our church.

You gave me a new job in Kingston, a beautiful daughter and you have continued to bless my family.

I stopped bad habits.

That you continually show your love and compassion and praise you for miracles our family has once again seen.

You healed my dad and grandma.

For your continued presence each day in my life. Thank you for allowing me to see beauty in this sinful world.

For your continued love and care for me and my family throughout the years. You are so merciful.

You were faithful and offered comfort and healing.

I learned more about you.

My family was healthy and happy.

You were my ever-present help in times of trouble. I praise you with my whole heart!

I have been able to watch my baby boy grow.

You provided all that we needed and everything we could not do ourselves.

You are still my God, my Saviour, my Friend. Thanks for not giving up on me.

We had a healthy family and time with extended family.

You provided for my family faithfully, good health, spiritual growth, friends and family, finances. Your generosity is boundless.

For my family and our health. Our wonderful love for you Lord.
I have a healthy family.

My family grew in our faith and maturity in God.

For your provision and steadfast love and continued guidance.

That you provided for my family to buy our first house.

You provided and allowed me to walk and to experience the land of Israel where your Son lived, taught, died and rose from the dead. Your Word has become more alive. I desire to know You more fully. Use me for your glory to spread your Good News.

My family was healthy. We continue to learn more about how amazing your universe is. You provide everything we need.

You helped me through serious heath concerns that affected us and other members of our family. Thank you for your healing touch.

For the 50 years my wife and I have had together.

My beautiful healthy baby girl was born!

Family and the health of my family members.

You gave me wisdom to fulfill the great commission and that you made me a true and faithful witness to proclaim your name to a lost world.

We made it through a tough year.

I was able to draw close to friends.

Our family had good health.

You taught me that you will be with me through anything and everything even if I make mistakes.

That you continue to restore my marriage.

I will be more aware of all I have to be thankful for. I will wake each morning and before anything else I will thank you for a new day and all you have in store for me.

My wife and I joined under you as one, living our lives through you.

I saw your hand in my life! You were good! I thank you for all the blessings! It was such a blessed year for our family! Thank you God!

I found a church I feel welcome at.

For health. For family who are saved.

Making steps toward beating my eating disorder.

For my family who cared for me during my fall and your healing.

You provided everything we needed!

For the continued health of family.

I learned that you are sufficient.

That I got to hold my baby boy for a few minutes. And I thank you that he is in your hands.

Thank you for how you sustained and strengthened me through the difficult and trying times and shown me how to respond and live.

For health and safety. Family, friends and the blessing of work. That I have become closer to you and got to know you better. I know you are at work behind the scenes with family discord and at some point good will come.

For sustaining our family. For drawing our grandson to yourself.

For your love.

For the gift of Jesus and Your work and word.

You were with me every step of the way through all the highs and lows. It wasn’t an easy week but your love, your grace saw me through. Thank you.

You gave us opportunities to minister and to serve others.

I connected even more with my family.

You as always proved faithful.

You are faithful.

You taught me that your sovereign goodness extends to my future and not just my past.

That you surrounded us with friends and family who have loved us and covered us in prayer during a crazy 6 months. Thank you for the peace you gave us in the loss of a baby we never knew.
You provided a vehicle for us. Redeeming my joy and making me bold. Belly buttons.

You gave me so many good things because I did many little things for you.

I had an opportunity to rest from the busyness of work and that I was able to experience the joy of bring life into the world. You have been such a good God.

For good friends (sisters in Christ) who rejoice with me and sorrow with me through the blessings and challenges that you bring to me.

You were by my side.

You taught me that you are the ultimate source of joy and love.
For confidence. For my daughter and her success in school and life. For new relationships. For my friends and support at Bay Park. For prosperity in my business. For my health and chronic pain being far better. For helping me understand scripture. For helping me with my art and help in being able to worship in my art.

That you brought our family through so much change with unexplainable peace and confidence.

That you have been through all of it.

Our family of 2 becoming 3.

You kept our family together and provided work for our hands.

You opened my heart and mind to you.

For my wife and family. For taking care of us.

That you were faithful, provided healing and challenged me. For your unconditional love, forgiveness and provision.

That my family is all still here together healthy and happy to enjoy the special moments of life together.

For my grandson.

That my life was changed with the birth of my daughter.

You carried us through.

Though I changed you were true to your word – You never left me alone.

You’ve brought even more people to show your love.
You taught me to forgive.

My mother made it through another year.

I was blessed with my beautiful baby boy. He has brought so much joy to my life and that joy has led me to seek out spirituality further.

We were blessed with a baby girl. We have a family that is healthy and able to spend time together.

You are faithful!

You were and are my provider and comfort and strength. You are my all.

I met new people at Bay Park.

Your love was shown through global missions. You accepted my praise and my repentance and loved me in spite of all my ugliness. You met me where I’m at. You showed you’re trustworthy. You were and are faithful.

You provided all my needs – family, healthy, peace and freedom.

You allowed our family to understand how blessed we are. You have given us such meaningful relationships/friendships.

My family stuck by me.

That we had help when Dad was in the hospital and when he died that most of the family was there.

You are the one who holds my life. And answering all the prayers of the saving lives of my family. All the countless blessings.

That through all the highs and lows that you are in control of my life. That knowing you and having faith is all that really matters.

Healing peace.