Easter Sermon Series

The story of Jesus’ incarnation and crucifixion is not just a story of history then, it also defines our lives and loves today, and shapes our hopes for tomorrow. The world has changed dramatically over the last two millennia. And so to help us not just know the story but to live it, we’re going to walk in the birks of Jesus’ first followers. And what we will discover is that despite the time and culture gap we have much in common with the hopes, dreams, fears and failures of Jesus’ followers then. And like them, we have such hope and life in Jesus today. We are the deniers and betrayers of God who was crucified for us and continues to pursue us, that we might be freed from the death grip of sin and selfishness and experience the deep and abundant life of God in us and for us.

UPDATE: While the Egg Hunt is unable to happen we would still love to celebrate. Drive by Bay Park on Friday, April 2 to pick up an Easter gift for you and your family!