April 19 – Kid’s Sunday Lesson

Watch and Worship Together!


Dig Deeper:

Read: Revelation 21 & John 3:16

Dig Deeper: How do we live forever in heaven with Jesus?

Discuss (in your words): What it means to “give your heart to God” or “have a forever friendship with Jesus”
Note--This can be a tricky conversation to navigate in kid-friendly language, “Leading Kids to Jesus” by David Staal is a great resource for those desiring more education on how to speak to children about a relationship with Jesus. Email me if you would like to borrow my copy!

Ask: What are you most excited to experience in heaven?

Explain: Jesus came to earth to make a way for us to get to heaven with God the Father and Jesus the Son. John 3:16 can be re-emphasized here. Jesus is forever!

Do: Spread hospitality by doing our weekly challenge: choose an address/family from the directory and send mail to affirm and to encourage!