James- Playing God

Posted on 12 Aug 2018, Pastor: Ryan Farrell

Redeeming Religion from Playing God

James 4:11-17

Discerning Rotten Fruit from Casting Stones of Condemnation

1. Am I going to the Root of the Issue (i.e.: addressing the injustice or lovingly confronting the sinning fellow- sinner) or gossiping/complaining to others?

2. Am I holding myself to the Same Standard to which I am holding the other?

3. Am I seeking this person’s/organization’s genuine Restoration With God or am I just uncomfortable and scandalized by their actions?

4. Am I remembering the Humanity and Dignity of this person, treating them with due respect, or am I dehumanizing them?

5.  Is this an Actual Issue of “Rotten Fruit” or is it just that the other person doesn’t look, live, or behave according to my preferences?