As part of the Front Door Ministry, you are the first point of contact with new comers to Bay Park.

Welcome Desk Attendant

This is one of the first connection points for newcomers. This person needs to be welcoming and friendly, and easily engage in conversation with both old friends and new faces. You also need an awareness of the building and ministries happening at Bay Park, and be able to point people to the needed locations or contact people. Welcome desk attendant is available between the two Sunday services and after the second service.


Ushers are friendly and welcoming to everyone, help any who require assistance. Ushers greet and assist people to find a seat to maintain physical distance from other households.

Check in Person

Check in Person greets everyone, confirms no changes in screening questions and welcomes people in.

Foyer Monitor

Foyer monitor is a friendly person who greets and directs everyone as they come into the foyer. The foyer monitor directs new comers who need assistance finding kids’ classes, etc. You will assist and support the check in person as well as the ushers as people arrive.

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