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We are continuing on with our sermon series Spiritual from the fall of 2019. The fact that we are both physical and spiritual beings, body and soul, is obvious.  What’s not so obvious is what it means to be spiritual.  Some today use the label “spiritual” to mean they believe in a higher power but not in organized religion.  Others use spiritual to mean that they have a moral compass, guiding values like being kind to other people and caring for the environment.  Simply put, there’s a lot of confusion in and out of church as to what it means to be spiritual.  Our hope is that this series will not only clear up some of the confusion, but also ignite a passion for spiritual growth.  We’re so glad that you’re along for the journey with us, knowing that God will strengthen and stretch us as we dive in together.
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Full disclosure: I’m concerned, even worried. Our world is reverting back to caveman culture. The internet and social media have become gateways for 24/7 stereotyping, slandering, bullying and fear-mongering. And it’s not just a political problem, democrats vs republicans, conservatives vs liberals. That’s the easy go to. The poison is spilling over into our homes, workplaces, arenas, schools and the church. So Bay Park, this mini series is an invitation to a different way of life. An invitation to follow Jesus by showing honour, extending grace, and reaching out in love.
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