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Unfaithful (Judges) – LifeGroup Questions

The Book of Judges is relevant to our culture. We live at a time where people believe that there is no absolute truth, and that all truth is subject to individual interpretation. That is what was going on during the days of the judges. “Everyone did as they saw fit.” (Judges 17:6b)

“Unfaithful” based on the Book of Judges is our next sermon based LifeGroup series beginning on Sunday January 5. If you are not in a LifeGroup and would like to join one for this sermon series, please contact the church office (613-389-2920 or You can still follow along in our study of Judges with the following LifeGroup questions.

Week of April 2, 2017

{un}faithful Week 9 – Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 9-Participant’s Guide

Week of March 26, 2017

{un}faithful Week 8-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 8-Participant’s Guide

Week of March 19, 2017

{un}faithful Week 7-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 7-Participant’s Guide

Week of March 12, 2017

{un}faithful Week 6-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 6-Participant’s Guide

Week of March 5, 2017

{un}faithful Week 5-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 5 -Participant’s Guide

Week of February 26, 2017

{un}faithful Week 4 – Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 4 – Participant’s Guide

Week of February 19, 2017

{un}faithful Week 3-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 3-Participant’s Guide

Week of February 12, 2017

{un}faithful Week 2-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 2-Participant’s Guide

Week of February 5, 2017

{un}faithful Week 1-Leader’s Guide

{un}faithful Week 1-Participant’s Guide

Acts of the Holy Spirit – LifeGroup Questions

Many people at Bay Park have joined our LifeGroups for an eight-week sermon based series which began Sunday September 18th. But we don’t want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity to go deeper with God in His word. So we are posting the questions for all to have access to. If you are not in a LifeGroup you can still follow along in our study of Acts 1-8. Perhaps after seeing the questions, you might want to join a LifeGroup. Please let Pastor Randy know ( or and he will find a LifeGroup that works of you.

Week of November 20, 2016

Acts of the Holy Spirit 10 Acts 8 9-25 Leader


Week of November 13, 2016


Acts of the Holy Spirit 9 Acts 8 1-8 Leader


Week of November 6, 2016



Week of October 30, 2016



Week of October 23, 2016



Week of October 16, 2016



Week of October 9, 2016



Week of October 2, 2016



Week of September 25, 2016



Week of September 18, 2016